” This is an ongoing post that started with the first one titled – Mystery series of Chest Pain or Anxiety for 3 Weeks

Last night I got up with pins and needles pain in the left side of my chest. Within minutes of waking up my left hand got numb and I felt squeezing in chest. It was hurting and scary. Somehow I fell asleep after an hour or so.  When I got up in the morning I felt hit by a truck. Drained and in pain I stayed in the bed until 10:30 am.  My toddler finally needed me so I made some effort and stepped out only to fall back in the bed within 5 minutes. Its almost 4pm and I have only walked to the dining table for lunch and I felt like a slug.

Having a hard day.

First the appointments and then test results all take time and then you know how the system is. Doctor probably won’t just label anything unless tests show proofs. I am having angina pain and nothing is being done for the pain and discomfort. I think doc agrees without agreeing as he put me on Aspirin and labeled my pain as angina on my chart.

Normal EKG and echocardiogram but persistent symptoms of chest pain,tightness and shortness of breath upon activity, after all the searches on web reveals microvascular disease of heart.
Thousands of women go without diagnose with same symptoms and keep ending in the ER because of their pain. Only to be sent back every time as nothing comes up in their tests until some doc after months or years finally pins it or after months their heart deteriorate so much that it fails.
As much as I don’t want it to be true, my symptoms match that small vessel, MVD. Unless something else is crazily wrong in my body that is causing all so similar symptoms. The search for answer and to release my agony is on.
What can it be?

Found this about using TENS for this kind of agonizing pain…worth trying I guess?

My love-hate relationship with my little black box



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