” This is an ongoing post that started with the first one titled – Mystery series of Chest Pain or Anxiety for 3 Weeks

This was a rare half wonderful day in the past 2 weeks. I woke up in good energy, no pain and had slept excellent. I did cooking and house chores and played with my kids until afternoon, like a normal me. Thats when I started getting tired again. So I resorted to rest. By evening I still was low but no pain anywhere in chest and shoulder. But had cramps/spasm in lower back.

What I did different: Previous night I used TENS machine on my left shoulder and arm. It worked like a miracle to take away the numbing, melting pain. I also massaged the shoulder and arm with my other hand for 1/2 an hour before I slept. Was me feeling painless after this night a coincidence?

Does whatever I have, causes soreness/inflammation after chest pain episodes?

Thinking of adding anti-oxidants, raw garlic clove, beet root and TENS machine usage everyday to see long term changes. Feel like going for a walk or ride my bike but I am scared because I feel I will just collapse.

I should get cholesterol and diabetes checked. 2 more days to the stress test.



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