” This is an ongoing post that started with the first one titled – Mystery series of Chest Pain or Anxiety for 3 Weeks

Morning started with lemon water and garlic. Energy is okay. Heart beats feel very erratic and bothersome. Left hand and both legs feel shaky internally, like everything inside the skin is melting/moving and causing funny feeling. Is it my blood pressure? I called the doctors office to get answers to these questions and concerns. Waiting for him to call back.

My toddler wanted to run with me, take her to the playground……I couldn’t do that. I am  sprinter and now I am taking tortoise steps even inside my house.

Afternoon around 2pm, I was taking nap. probably fell asleep for 10 minutes when i got up with a jolt. And I realized, my heart was doing a roller coaster with a dip between fall and rise and that dip was like a nano second of stopped heart. After that I could not fall back to sleep, my heart kept racing.

3:30pm, legs and hand still tingling inside. Cramps in lower back returned.

I used TENS for my arm and shoulders and it really helped. I also ate a clove of garlic, raw! It was an intense experience.

Evening became more energetic somehow. I retired for the day at 8pm and slept by 9pm. I slept very good.

Things that I have been doing/eating as a change in my lifestyle for last few days:

— Regular pranayam (Breathing yoga)
— Meditation (For calming)
— Slow movements/walk and calm thinking
— Using TENS machine (For pain)
— Drinking hot lemon water on empty stomach in the morning, sipping like tea.
— Eating garlic clove – raw
–Drinking green tea
–Beet Juice (For heart palpitations, blood pressure)
— Coenzyme Q10 (For heart health)
–Eating 1 spoon of dry Indian Gooseberry in the morning.( For heart health)
— Increased citrus fruit consumption.

One more day to the Stress test!






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