” This is an ongoing post that started with the first one titled – Mystery series of Chest Pain or Anxiety for 3 Weeks

What a beautiful morning I got up with as there was no pain anywhere at all today. I was back to my normal day activity pretty much. I went to see a school for my toddler, grocery shopping and playground after that! Boy it felt awesome to move around without thinking that I cant do it! I was a tiny bit short of breath but to the lowest degree that did not hinder my activities at all. Although, I was scared in my heart for shooting chest pain (no pun intended) to occur but i was not doing straight long walk or climbing stairs. Moreover, i was keeping an eye for any symptoms.

By the afternoon when I still felt okay, no depleted energy then I decided to walk to my older kids school. I still took small slow steps and after 2 minutes into my walk, I felt some pain to the leftest part of my chest just below where the arm connects the shoulder. I did not want to continue further. Back home I rested by sitting down for 10 minutes and I was fine again. I had a good afternoon otherwise. We had some friends over for dinner and it really felt good to be at that upswing of energy. by 8:30 pm, I did felt tired and back started hurting. So I went to bed at 8:45 thinking about my stress test that is tomorrow.

I did not use TENS at all today but I did follow all the other eating/drinking and yoga routine. I slept good.



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